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Founded in 2006, Ibn Khaldun Center for Research and Studies (IKCRS) is an independent NGO that conducts research on a wide range of social topics and combine robust qualitative and quantitative methods with innovative analysis and thinking. It is licensed by the Government of Jordan / Department of Press and Publication, based on the decision of the Prime Minister No. M n / 38 / 1095 Date 16/3/2006) in conformity with Law Number 10 issued in 1993. Also IKCRS is licensed by the Jordanian Ministry of Industry and Trade: Commercial Registration No. 167 975 Date 03/09/2006 with national Identification number 100270788 Also IKCRS is licensed by Amman Municipally. IKCRS is dedicated to the applied research on violence, crime, terrorism, women issues, human right, democracy, security, information warfare, poverty, HIV & AIDS, homeland security, evaluation research, strategic planning, crime and terrorism forecasting, social observatory , social early warning system, crime mapping , Persons with Disabilities (PWD), and other social /political issues. Moreover, IKCRS provides training on many social issues related to criminology and criminal justice in the Arab World. Arabic for non-native speakers is another area that the center is willing to organized special courses in based on organizational needs. Special reports in certain social problems such as terrorism, radicalization and security analysis.

The IKCRS operates in Jordan with strong connections in the Arab World, Europe, the USA, and other parts of the world. The IKCRS has worked with international experts on a number of global issues. The leadership of the IKCRS has participated in a number of international conferences and provided consultations at the local, regional, and international levels. through developing Applied research, administering discussions and dialogues, organizing conferences and workshops, and exchanging expertise and experience with other regional and international organizations.

Our Core Values

We strongly believe that knowledge is for all.

Honesty, Objectivity, Civility & Innovation

Our Goals

Operate as a national and international think-tank;

Prepare and publish scientific research papers;

Provide a forum for dialogue;

Build databases, Social Early Warning System and Social observatory;

Provide opportunities for training, rehabilitation, and the exchange of expertise and experience.

Our Vision

A local and global think tanks research center. To Provide objective, independent, reliable, and valid research knowledge and training when and where our services are needed in the areas of the applied social sciences.


Our Mission

IKCRS is a non government organization that focuses on the need of the use of objective empirical knowledge and social marketing to make change and reforms in society. To that end, IKCRS provides information through conducting applied qualitative and quantitative research, on a wide range of social issues, including but not limited to action research and evaluation research. Our research contributes to policy formation, policy analysis, and strategic decision-making process. For example, IKCRS provides services in public opinion survey, focus groups, crime analysis, threat analysis, impact evaluation , and custom made projects that fit special organizations’ needs. In addition, IKCRS acts at local, regional, and global levels to promote awareness and find solutions to social problems that hinder society’s development and progress (i.e., crime, violence against women, peace, identity, security, poverty…..etc). IKCRS encourages dialogue, reconciliation, and respect for other viewpoints, while rejecting violence, extremism, radicalization, and hatred. It is a place for cross-cultural communications and respect for human rights.


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