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IKCRS Structure

Research Department 

conducts; planning; research proposals and following up of the various research projects at IKCRS. Research chairs in a certain areas are included in this department.


Data Base Department 

- It includes databases in certain issues (terrorism, poverty early warning system, Security Early Warning System). (Under construction).


Training Departments 

It includes training in wide ranging of issues with focus on homeland  security issues, social problems, forensic science…..etc. Also special training program for certain organizations can take place in Jordan or abroad. The center provides certificates of training that recognized and endorsed by American and international universities



Consultation Department

It includes statistical analysis consultation, crime analysis, research analysis, SPSS, ARCGIS, ….etc.


Publishing & Translation Department 

IKCRS publications of books, reports, working papers, newsletters, magazines and bulletins. Special  reports will be available on radicalization 

security, and terrorism

Administration Department  

responsible for internal administrative and financial operations of the administration, distributing publications, marketing and circulation.