Applied Research

  1. Crime related issues (e, g.  Domestic violence, violence against women, violence against children, fear of crime, white collar-crime, corruption,..etc)

-          Crime prevention programs (development and evaluation)

-          Community-based  services and projects

-          Poverty studies

  1. Terrorism: the causes of terrorism, the recruitment of terrorists, and financing 

                 of terrorism, terrorism and development

  1. Human Development, Poverty, Unemployment, People with disabilities
    Traffic accidents: road rage & conformity to the rules of the road.
  2. Human rights and human trafficking
  3. Security and Social Observatory and Early Warning Systems.
  4. Any specific/special request related to an organization’s needs in the area of applied research.
  5. Feasibility studies, Total Quality, competitiveness, organizational culture, organizational values, and social marketing, and actuarial studies
  6. Evaluation Research, Action research.
  7. Environmental research (security and safety, water reuse) and climate change.
  8. Forecast Research
  9. Risk research



Sample of completed project 

  • Violence against women in Jordan
  • Risk factors in the university environment - the Higher Council for Youth
  • Drugs, youth and the Internet - Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Culture
  • National security in the era of globalization - the Ministry of Culture
  • Crime and Development in the Arab World
  • Crime and Development in Jordan
  • Human development and terrorism in the Arab World- Nayef Arab University forSecurity Sciences
  • Causes of terrorism in the Arab world (with NATO and the Turkish Police Academy)
  • Human Rights in the Digital Age (UNESCO)
  • Poverty in the province of Tafila (in press) - Schuman Foundation
  • Social stigma and AIDS (Qualitative study)- with the University of North Dakota, USA
  • Evaluation of Poor Aids Funds (team leader) - the Coordinating Commission for Social Solidarity
  • Extremism in universities (with NATO and the Turkish Police Academy)
  • Fear of Terrorism (NATO and the Turkish Police Academy)
  • Violence against women Report - National Commission for Family Affairs
  • Strategic plan to combat violence against women - the National Council  for Family Affairs
  • Under Construction
  • The development of standards of social welfare services - the World Bank and the Ministry of Social Development (Team Leader).
  • Building the institutional capacity of the coordinating the Coordinating Commission for Social Solidarity (CCSS) project SPED

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